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PMS Renewal 2015

Applying for Renewal by the Candidate

1. The Renewal button is available under ‘1.Post Matric
scholarships (PMS)’in the DCE Scholarship Home page

2. After clicking the ‘Renewal’ button, the candidate has to
select the followings in sequence.
a ) State
b ) District
c ) Institution Type
d ) Name of Institution
e) Awarded Year
e ) Candidate’s Name

3. The candidate then has to fill in the Date of Birth, Registration
ID through which she/he received the scholarship for the
year 2014-15 and click the ‘Submit’ button.
On the new page, the candidate has to select
a ) Course Type
b ) Course
c ) Whether the result of your 2014-15 Examinations is
declared or not.
In case of students under Awarded Year 2013-14, do online
registration by filling in the data for all the columns .

4. If the results are declared,  the candidate has to fill in the percentage of marks scored. The candidate then has to click
on the check box ‘I agree’ and click the ‘Submit’ button to
submit the renewal.

5. Students studying in Institutions outside Kerala
Students studying outside Kerala who are awarded Post-metric
Scholarship for the year 2014-15 also have to do online
registration. The Registration Id is available in the scholarship
website under the following link..


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